Climate change impact on drinking water

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Water is one of the most essential macronutrient. It helps you maintain body functions such as regulating body temperature, protects body organs and tissues, helps excrete the waste in our body, helps in digestion, solvent of many compounds, helps in nutrient absorption..etc.
Human life is impossible without the water so you should take care about the amount and the quality of water you intake.

In many areas, increased water temperatures will cause eutrophication and excess algae growth, which will reduce drinking water quality. 

We can tackle this problem only by promoting awareness that we can all be part of the solution in our own way.
Are you drinking enough water?

Drink at least 8 glasses daily or 1 cup for every 9kg of body weight


2 glasses


2 - 3 glasses

2 - 3 hour

2 - 3 glasses

Drinking Water
Ensure the Safety of Your Drinking Water
Clean drinking water is one of the most important resources in the world. It is essential to test for a number of parameters in order to keep the public safe as well as preventing damage to treatment processes and the environment.
Tools to keep quality of our [number one] priority
keep your water clear, clean, and safe
Measuring the pH of water that is low in minerals can be difficult. The lower the mineral content the less conductive the water will be. Low conductivity water presents a challenge since the pH meter is an electrochemical system that relies on the solution being measured to be conductive.
HI99192 is a portable, lightweight pH meter that is supplied with a FC2153 pH electrode designed specifically for measuring the pH of potable water.
The pair are ideal for on-site spot checks of drinking water.


Drinking Water pH Portable Meter

Designed to bring simplicity to pH testing of drinking water, the HI99192 Drinking Water pH Meter is designed for measuring the pH of potable waters.

  • ±0.2 pH accuracy
  • Specialized probe for drinking water.
  • Comes with all the necessary solutions and batteries- everything you need to get started measuring right away.
Advanced Photometric Analysis
  • Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)
  • Free Chlorine
  • Total Chlorine
  • Hardness
  • Nitrogen
  • Total Phosphorous


Water & Wastewater Multiparameter (with COD) Photometer and pH meter

Monitor the levels of biological and chemical nutrients in your effluent to ensure that you are in compliance with the EPA and other regulatory bodies. Made with the water industry in mind, HI83399 measures 40 different key water and wastewater quality parameters.


Visible Spectrophotometer

Your partner in perfecting photometric laboratory analysis:
the visible spectrophotometer from Hanna. Unlike photometers, iris measures all wavelengths of visible light, not just pre-specified wavelengths for complete method compliance and accuracy.

Measuring Dissolved Oxygen with Optical Technology


Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter

The HI98198 Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter makes measuring the concentration of dissolved oxygen hassle-free. Optical DO technology doesn’t require a minimum flow rate, so there is less drift in your readings. Perfect for the field or for the laboratory, the Quick Connect probe requires no membranes, no filling solution, and no warm-up time so you can measure without hesitation. Your meter comes complete in a rugged, custom carrying case for easy transportation.

Water Clarity


Turbidity Portable Meter

Turbidity is an optical measurement that indicates the presence of suspended particles. It’s measured by shining light through a sample, and quantifying the suspended particle concentration. The more particles that are in a solution, the higher the turbidity. Drinking water and municipal wastewater plants often remove turbidity with a combination of sand filtration, settling tanks, and clarifiers. 

Turn Your Phone Into A Professional pH Meter

Laboratory grade pH measurements are simple and convenient with a Bluetooth®5.0 Wireless Tester paired with your Apple or Android Device.


HALO2 Wireless
Refillable pH Tester for Lab

Our HALO2 Wireless Lab pH Tester has a refillable glass body and spherical glass sensing bulb made for everyday laboratory use.

  • Open-source Bluetooth allows easy integration into current data logging systems
  • IP65 water-resistant protection
  • Specialized general purpose electrode 
  • Equipped with everything you need for successful testing right out of the box


Portable pH/EC/DO Meter
with Bluetooth

Functional and accurate, this meter is capable of testing 12 different water quality parameters using pH, EC, and optical DO sensors. Transfer data to a smart device for review or sharing with the integrated Bluetooth connection and Hanna Lab App.

  • Waterproof ( meter rated IP67, probe rated IP68)
  • Automatic interval logging of up to 45,000 samples or log-on-demand
  • Perfect for environmental and industrial professionals.

HI5000 Series

Benchtop Meters
Perfect for any laboratory, the HI5000 Series Meters support a full range of pH electrodes as well as models that offer selective ion, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen measurements. The HI5222, HI5521, and HI5522 also have dual-channel capability so that you can measure 2 parameters simultaneously once.
Advanced Tools for Advanced Needs

Automatic titrators from Hanna combine advanced performance with untouched affordability.

  • pH
  • Alkalinity
  • Acidity
  • Water hardness
  • Chloride

Mini Titrator
for Titratable Alkalinity

Advanced Automatic
Potentiometric Titrator
The right electrode can make the most difficult samples easy to measure.


Photometric Electrodes

For many titrations, a potentiometric determination of the equivalence point is simply not possible. In these cases, the use of a photometric probe for the optical determination of an endpoint during volumetric analysis is preferred.

Hanna Instruments introduces HI90060x Series for when a color change is still the best solution.

  • 4 different wavelengths (@525nm, @625nm, @590nm, @470 nm)
  • Less maintenance
  • Ideal for colorimetric reactions
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