It’s not about selling analytic instruments. We strive to provide the best services we can to support you when it comes to finding the best solution that fits your needs.


We offer our consulting services before and after sales; product installation and training, laboratory procedures, method implementation and preparation of samples.

On site scenario analysis

Our technical team carries out inspections and visits to our customers for the supply of process equipment or water treatment plants.

Instruments service

We grant evaluation of used instrumentation, instruments calibration, scheduled periodic maintenance and reparation of Hanna’s Instrumentation.

Cloud platform

Manage and control your systems based on the data collected, in real time and without the intervention of specialized personnel on site.


Before and after sales consultancy

Our expert team is close to the customer when selecting the product. Multiple aspects are assessed with the customer, such as the type of sample to be analyzed, the application and the price range of the product. We strive to give to the customer multiple options and all the information that will help them decide.  Our task is helping the customer to make a good decision! So do not hesitate to contact us: we will be glad to choose the best Hanna Instruments products for you.

Our consulting activities continue as soon as the customer receives the goods. Very often telephone suggestions can help customers understand the use of the products better or how to perform periodic maintenance; thus favoring the correct use of the product and preventing damage to the equipment.

Product installation and training

We offer our customers an online or on-site installation service. We have found that the installation carried out by our technicians is fast and improves the performance of the instruments because it is carried out by trained personnel. Furthermore, it is an excellent opportunity for the customer to interact with us and fully understand, as well as optimize the use of our products. Other than installation, we perform dedicated technical training.

Ask our technical staff for a quotation for installation and training.

Consultancy on analytical chemistry

On-demand, we support our customers in assessing and improving laboratory procedures and methods of analysis to reduce time and reagent use. We help with the optimization of sample preparation and with the set up of lab instrumentation.

On site scenario analysis

A team of experts is always ready for you

Our technical team carries out inspections and visits to customers for the supply of process equipment or water treatment plants.

The preliminary evaluation phase of the existing infrastructures, analysis of the water and the detection of the variables for correct dimensioning of the plant is the starting and fundamental point for the supply of instrumentation and processing plants.

In particular, we carry out an inspection for:

  • Agriculture – Fertirigation system
  • Hotel and Spa –  swimming pool and water treatment
  • Drinking water system

Instruments service, maintenance and repair

To keep your istrumentation healthy

Correct maintenance and the use of proper storage techniques guarantee a prolonged life of the laboratory instrumentation and, even more, of process instruments and water treatment plants. Despite all these precautions, the useless and difficult/rough environment in which our instruments operate could require the intervention of a specialist to restore their perfect functionality.

We guarantee our customers technical service during the warranty period of our products and, in the same way, even after the warranty expires.

We offer our customers the following services:

  • Evaluation of the used instrumentation
  • Instrument calibration (annual factory calibration, periodical calibration )
  • Scheduled periodic maintenance
  • Repair of instrumentation

Hanna Service Cloud Platform

To remotely control and manage your systems

Generally speaking, the systems are equipped with sensors and controllers that supply or process analog or digital signals. The signals are the measurements of the fundamental quantities involved in the process for which the system was designed, such as for example pH, temperature, oxidation-reduction potential, conductivity, etc.

The analog signals obtained from the sensors are converted into digital signals and then transmitted to the Hanna Service servers using an Internet connection (wired or wireless).

 The web application installed in the Hanna Service Cloud will process the data flow and present it through a graphic interface that can be easily consulted using graphics and information panels. You will be able to access the interface thanks to credentials provided during the service subscription phase.

Any Internet browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge or Firefox) is sufficient to use the Hanna Service web application: you will be able to control your system wherever you are and with any device (PC, tablet and even smartphone) you have available, provided it is connected to the Internet.

If the configuration of your system allows it, you can also modify the processes managed based on the data collected, in real-time and without the intervention of specialized personnel on-site. Since the data relating to your system will be stored on the Hanna Service servers, you will always have a data history to use for statistical purposes.

How it’s done

The system, in its most simplistic and generic conception possible, is composed of:

  • Intelligent controllers and sensors (in variable quantities depending on the configuration of the system).
  • Digital to analog converter and data transmission system connected to the Internet (wired or wireless).
  • Software (web app) installed in the Hanna Service Cloud servers.
  • End user device (PC, tablet or smartphone) with an Internet connection.

Thanks to a detailed data analysis, you can remotely control and manage the system components ensuring process optimization at any time.

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