89th International Agricultural Fair held from 21 to 27 May 2022

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The International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad is the largest fair and agro bussines fair in this part of Europe.
The most important companies, their representative offices and representations in the Republic of Serbia gathered at the fair.
About 1100 exhibitors from 20 countries. Lectures, presentations and conferences on a wide and specialized range of topics were held every day at the fair.The opening of the fair was attended by the President of Serbia A. Vučić and the Hungarian Prime Minister V. Orban.
As always, the greatest interest is in agricultural machinery, attachments, plant protection products and seeds, fertilizers and specific branches of agricultural production, as well as irrigation and fertigation systems and precision agriculture, which had a considerable number of exhibitors.
Hanna Instruments had its exhibition stand in Hall 1 where with partner country Hungary and friend country Italy and as an Italian company it had its place.
Hanna Instruments’ stand aroused the interest of visitors and exhibitors at the fair because of its instruments used in agricultural production, primary and secondary processing, as well as in process engineering and related industries.
Hanna Instruments with its 18 sectors had to offer each visitor a tailor-made solution and an optimal range of instruments.
Also existing customers and users of measuring instruments visited Hanna Instruments stand and learned some more news and improved their knowledge on how to make the most of their devices in order to improve their agricultural production, save time in making decisions and get accurate and verified data and how to interpret and apply in your work.
Everyone was given an answer to a question asked and informed about other instruments and devices and the Hanna Instruments portfolio.
Most visitors reacted positively because the offer was not limited to the Groline portfolio, each visitor was targeted to present a line of products from Wine line, Chese and Dairy line, Food care line, Pool line, Beer line according to parameters and requirements of visitors.
Special interest was shown by growers in protected areas (greenhouses and hothouses) and growers of berries and berries (blueberries) who care about accurate and reliable information about the parameters of irrigation, fertilization and protection and changes that occur.
Measurements of pH and EC directly in the soil and substrate to be able to respond quickly and efficiently and adapt to plant conditions. Measurements and tests of pH, EC, solutes in solutions. Analysis of nutrients in soil and solutions as standard analyzes of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.
Everyone was interested in measurements directly in the soil and substrate and the possibility of analysis of nutrients in the soil by rapid photometric method directly on the farm.
Processors of juices, jams, brandies, chocolates, cheesemakers and bakers also received information on how to improve their production and how they can speed up their production decisions and achieve savings.
Dissolved oxygen measurements are presented to fish farms that fish in ponds and trout on rivers as one of the key devices that make their work easier and give an important answer to what happens to their production so that they can react in time and avoid losses.
The river of visitors was present every day from the opening to the closing of the fair every day. We were pleased to answer all those interested and talk and offer options and solutions according to their needs.
See you next year at the fair in Novi Sad, where we will celebrate the 90th birthday of the International Agricultural Fair.


Saša Perica

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