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Food is an important part of our lives. In addition to absorbing the daily food we need, eating is also about sitting with friends and family, as well as the enjoyment and emotions that we associate with some dishes. Whether it is the Sunday roast in a big round, the cake that reminds us of our grandparents or barbeque in the summer, the anticipation alone makes the water in our mouths converge.

The temperature is one of the most important factors in cooking and baking, whether the finished dish succeeds and meets the requirements of the children and family members. For your own creations to succeed, HANNA offers you tailor-made solutions for your cooking and baking success.

The Checktemp® pocket sized thermometers offer a practical, ergonomic design for temperature measurement in the kitchen.

The foldable tip reacts quickly and is ideal for piercing fresh, cooked, and semi-frozen foods. After measuring the temperature, the tip can be folded, and the thermometer will automatically turn off. When the sensor is folded out, the thermometer automatically switches on again.

The HI151 thermometer provides accurate measurement results within the entire measuring range from -50.0 to 200 °C, making it the ideal assistant in the kitchen. 

For your cooking pleasure HANNA offers you
practical and handy thermometers to check your prepared or raw food for
the optimal temperature.

Simplify your cooking experience and conjure up a tasty dish, which you will certainly succeed in thanks to perfect temperature monitoring.

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