Effect of pH value on Meat Spoilage and Storage Life

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In a meat sample, internal parameters such as pH, water-binding capacity, salt presence and temperature determine its palatability, freshness and potential for microbial growth.

The main defects in meat are off-odors and off-flavors, but discoloration and gas production also occur.

Spoilage of the meat products can cause defects such as sour off-flavors, discoloration, gas production, slime production and decrease in pH.

The pH value is one of the most important factors on the basis of which we determine the freshness and quality of meat.

Meat processors must be aware of the pH value of this raw material and its importance; because pH greatly affects the functionality of meat during processing. 

The pH value of fresh meat ranges from 5.5 to 6.2.

A drop in pH will affect the overall quality of the final meat product. 

The pH will affect the ability of the meat to retain water and can affect the color of the meat. 

The rate and degree of pH decline after death will affect meat quality characteristics.

A phenomenon called PSE in pork (meaning pale, soft and exudative) is usually the result of the rapid breakdown of glycogen into lactic acid after slaughter.

While on the other hand, there can be a sudden increase in the pH value of the meat above 6.2, which causes a dark color and a firm structure of the meat.

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Professional Portable Meat pH Meter

Meat products can present a number of challenges to the pH monitoring operator. 

Meat oils and solids can coat the sensitive surface of the glass membrane and/or clog the reference junction.

The HI98163 is equipped with a specialized FC2323 meat product electrode

The design includes a stainless steel blade on a tapered tip probe for easy penetration, an open joint that prevents clogging, and a polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) plastic housing that is resistant to most chemicals and solvents, including sodium hypochlorite.

It has great resistance to abrasion, mechanical resistance, resistance to ultraviolet light and nuclear radiation. PVDF is also not suitable for fungal growth.

The FC2323 is an ideal general purpose pH electrode for meat that quickly connects to the HI98163, via a quick waterproof DIN connector.


Professional Portable Meat pH Meter

In addition to the HI98163 meter, Hanna Instruments offers the HI99163 pH meter, which also has a conical tip that allows direct penetration into meat and meat products.

The stainless steel blade is razor sharp for easy stabbing into meat and other semi-solids while protecting the glass bulb. 

Both instruments have a built-in temperature sensor and therefore give a more complete picture of your product.

If you transport your meat or have a production line, it is necessary to monitor the pH value of the meat at all times.

Hanna instruments offers pH tester HI9810362 and HI981036, which are ideal for this type of purpose.


HALO2 Wireless Meat pH Tester


Foodcare Meat pH Tester 

The difference between these two testers is that the HI9810362 has the option to save the data and transfer it via bluetooth to your device on which you previously installed the Hanna application.

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