Is you honey real or fake?

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Since time immemorial, people have always forged honey in one way or another for benefit of the profit.

Today, fortunately, there are methods, measuring instruments and means of fast, accurate and measurable analysis according to specified and precisely defined protocols that replace “traditional visual subjective approximation and word-of-mouth methods which now allow individuals to circumvent the law for profit and improve the technology of available goods and materials.” deceiving buyers of honey and bee products.

In order to ensure their own safety and the safety of others in the processing and sales chain to end customers, most retailers, large customers and processors in the honey, confectionery or other industries can use the devices provided to obtain fast, accurate and measurable data. Quickly recognize manipulation and mixing (forgery of honey) for the purpose of fraud.

All these tests are fast, accurate and reliable and in a short time according to specific parameters give users confirmation of whether justification is the suspicion of a counterfeit or one of the illegal interference, but if a larger quantity is suspected, these are sufficient parameters to send for analysis. it a specialized laboratory in DE. 

When we talk about honey chemicaly, there are some parameters that must be determined. This parameters ar: conductivity (EC), sugar content, hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) content, diastase activity, acidity, moisture and pollen type. Most important parameters for determination of the quality control of different honey samples are HMF, diastase acitvity and sugar content.


Is a furanic compound which is formed as an intermediate in Maillard reactions (form of non-enzymatic browning) from the direct dehydration of sugars under acidic conditions (caramelisation) during thermal treatments.

Diastase is one of the major enzymes found in honey and degrades over time, especially when exposed to heat. Like HMF, diastase can be used to indicate the age and exposure of honey to heat.

Diastase activity and HMF content are well used as criteria to assess the quality of the product.

Here in Hanna Instruments we strive to improve your products and enable analyzes to prove that you have a top quality product.

Spectrophotometer Iris

The HI801 iris is a sleek and intuitive spectrophotometer that allows for measurement of all wavelengths of visible light.

Customize your methods, take a wide range of measurements, and feel confident in your testing accuracy with iris.

  • iris features precise wavelength selection between 340 nm to 900 nm for complete method compliance and accuracy that is necessary in industries like professional laboratories, water treatment facilities, wineries, and more.
  • Results are consistent and accurate regardless of throughput with the high quality and uniquely designed optics system.
  • Customization options include multiple cuvette shapes and sizes, custom calibration curves, and methods.

Contact us for more information how to measure HMF, diastase and other quality parameters in your honey.


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