Let´s prepare the Pool – Just do it yourself!!!

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The summer sends its greetings and now we have the necessary time to prepare our pool for the upcoming pool season.

BL121/BL122 Swimming Pool Controller

You can install and commission HANNA’s BL121 and BL122 at home alone.

You do not need a plumber or installer to do a proper installation. The instructions for self-installation can be found in the user manual. It will be explained to you step by step how to install and adjust the controller.  Use your time at home sensibly and get your pool ready for the upcoming summer. Take it into your own hands. Self-installation of BL121 and BL122 is quick and easy for everyone.

This great Swimming Pool Controller is a complete system for monitoring the water quality of your pool. It monitors and controls all important parameters such as chlorine, pH and temperature and warns you if the preset measuring range is exceeded or undershot.

  • Monitor your values wherever you are with the HANNA Cloud function (BL122 only)

With the HANNA Instruments Cloud function you can use your smartphone as a remote control and can read, set and change your data anytime and anywhere you are.

  • All-in-one solution with built-in peristaltic pump
  • Redox (chlorine) dosing only after adjustment

 This function allows chlorine to be added only after the pH value has been adjusted correctly. This is because it is possible to obtain a lower redox value although there is still enough chlorine.You save money because chlorine is not wasted!

  • Automatic proportional pump control – Allows a very fine control when maintaining the desired setpoint
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Programmable alarm system

    With this product you have everything you need for a safe bathing experience. This controller allows you to monitor your pool without compromise. You can keep an eye on your pH and chlorine levels wherever you are (BL122 only) and the controller will automatically warn you if there are any irregularities in your levels. You can therefore react quickly. Save time and money by using the advantages of this device for yourself.

    No special knowledge is required to install and set up BL121 and BL122. You can do it independently and quickly at home.

    So why wait when you can just do it yourself?

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