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Reimagine the classroom. The best tools for learning and research are the ones that students and researchers love to use.
A full lab experience – in a backpack
Specifically designed for use by teachers and students, the Hanna Lab Backpack Series provides a complete unit for teachers to introduce real-world examples in order to help students understand the relevance of environmental parameters to everyday life.
Water Quality
Save time in lesson preparation.


Soil Science
Take a fun field trip!


Marine Science
Everything you need in one backpack.


Pocket pH & EC Testers
Standard pH Tester


Slim, Big Screen. 0.1 pH resolution/ ±0.1 pH accuracy.
Its slim design fits right in your pocket so you can take it anywhere.
pH & EC Combo Tester


Robust, Complete.
0.01 pH resolution/0 to 3999 µS/cm Take pH and conductivity measurements with one simple device.
Conductivity & TDS Tester


Advanced, Long Life.
0.00 to 20.00 mS/cm/ ±2% accuracy
Take EC & TDS measurements with higher performance.
Turn Your Phone Into A Professional pH Meter
Laboratory grade pH measurements are simple and convenient with a Bluetooth®5.0 Wireless Tester paired with your Apple or Android Device.


HALO2 Wireless pH Tester for Field
Upgrade to a wireless pH testing experience for a better classroom experience.
Take direct pH and temperature measurements using a smartphone or tablet with the free Hanna Lab App. Fluid graphing, data logging, and simple operation transform science students into problem solvers.
Transform your classroom.


Edge tablet pH, EC & DO meter
Expandable to measure more. Connect a variety of our smart electrodes quickly and easily. edge measures pH, conductivity, or dissolved oxygen. Stands out in a busy lab. A large, clear LCD displays your results from up to 15 feet away for easy recognition and monitoring by the whole class.
Share your data.
Export your data via flash drive to share with the whole class.
Parameter testing solutions for the classroom.
Check out our line of chemical test kits to pick and choose which tests fit into your curriculum.
Water Quality
Test Kit


The HI3817 is a chemical test kit that measures six parameters common in water quality testing: alkalinity, chloride, hardness, iron, pH, and sulfite. pH is obtained with Hanna‘s pHep®, pH electronic tester.
Environmental Monitoring Chemical Test Kit


The HI3814 is a chemical test kit for the determination of six parameters commonly monitored for environmental testing: acidity, alkalinity, carbon dioxide, hardness, dissolved oxygen, and pH. pH is obtained with Hanna‘s pHep®, pH electronic tester, which guarantees greater accuracy and a longer life than traditional litmus paper.
NPK Soil Chemical Test Kit
(25 tests each)


The HI3896 is a chemical test kit for the determination of commonly monitored parameters in soil testing. By using Hanna’s Soil Test Kit, it is possible to measure pH and the most important elements for plant growth: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K).
  • Highly accurate and simple to use chemical test kits
  • Excellent value due to their accuracy and affordability
  • Complete Step-by-Step Instructions are Included with Every Test Kit

  • A wide range of parameters is available to choose from
  • Portable and easy to use in field situations
  • Economical way of obtaining results
Eliminate subjectivity with
the Hanna Checker® Handheld Colorimeters.


Free Chlorine Checker®
Bridges the gap between simple chemical test kits and professional instrumentation.
Take your research on the road.


Multiparameter Field Meter
Get more done with Hanna’s toughest meter.
Hanna’s toughest portable meter is waterproof and built to withstand harsh outdoor environments. Functional and accurate, this meter is capable of testing 12 different water quality parameters. At just 14.2 ounces, the HI98194 is easy to take with you making it the perfect travel companion.
Advanced tools for academia and research.
Expand what’s possible inside the classroom and facilitate better research.
pH, EC, DO, & ISE
5000 series research-grade meters with on-screen graphing and dual-channel, ISE capabilities.
iris spectrophotometer brings the simplicity and speed of split beam technology to educators. The HI801 iris is a sleek and intuitive spectrophotometer that allows for measurement of all wavelengths of visible light. Customise your methods, take a wide range of measurements, and feel confident in your testing accuracy with iris.

Automatic titrators from Hanna combine advanced performance with untouched affordability.

To Help You Get Started
Solution and Reagents

We offer solutions and reagents
in a variety of sizes and certifications
to meet all your needs.

The right electrode can make the most dificult samples easy to mesure. See the full Hanna Line and find the right one for you.
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