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The introduction to scientific questions is important from an early age and should be introduced step by step to future scientists at pre-school age. You may think that this is totally overdone and a young mind is overwhelmed with such requests? – We believe that a healthy amount in an age-appropriate performance will generate interest in nature, scientific and technical understanding.

Variety in everyday school life is also important. Many students have problems imagining what they have learned if they are only presented with frontal teaching and from books. Negative experiences in everyday school life lead to students losing interest in the subject. Therefore, a varied form of teaching is required, where small experiments have to be shown or worked out by the students themselves, especially in science subjects like biology, physics and chemistry. We must not forget that today’s students will also be our future scientists who will be engaged in the search for medicines for serious diseases and solutions to environmental problems, alternatives for the food supply of the world population. This is why we have to open the young mind to the many possibilities and fascinating topics at an early age.

School lessons with a difference!

How to bring science into the classroom?

Many schools struggle with tight budgets and therefore cannot afford large laboratory instruments. But not every purchase has to be expensive to achieve the desired effect. HANNA has put together a practical laboratory in rucksack format for this case. Thus, even a class trip to the countryside can become an exciting lesson. The backpack labs contain all the equipment and reagents necessary for the measurements.

HANNA´s Backpack Labs

Reasonable price

For a reasonable price, you will receive a comprehensive set to introduce your students to topics such as water quality, soil testing and saltwater analysis.

Working together – strengthening team skills

Science also means being able to work together. When dealing with scientific issues, the team spirit and the ability to work together is improved.

Complete testing setup

All required materials are included with the test kit. You get everything you need to perform a variety of tests.

Replacement reagents available

There is no need to buy a new kit when reagents are exhausted. The reagents and buffers for each parameter can be ordered individually.

Comprehensive educational material

The lesson plan and components are tied together by a comprehensive teacher’s manual that includes information about each parameter, classroom activities designed to introduce students to each parameter, and detailed field-testing procedures.

Our Backpack labs offer a wide range of possibilities to make your lessons more exciting:

  • Backpack Lab Water Quality Educational Test Kit – HI3817BP

Tests for ten important water quality parameters

Classrooms can gain an extensive understanding of water quality through measurement of these ten parameters:
Acidity, alkalinity, carbon dioxide, dissolved oxygen, hardness, nitrate, phosphate, pH, EC, and TDS.

  • Backpack Lab Soil Quality Educational Test Kit – HI3896BP

Tests for seven important soil quality parameters

Classrooms can gain an extensive understanding of soil quality through measurement of these seven parameters:
Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, pH, EC, TDS, and temperature.

  • Backpack Lab Marine Science Educational Test Kit – HI3899BP

Tests for 15 important marine science parameters

Classrooms can gain an extensive understanding of marine science through measurement of these fifteen parameters:
Acidity, alkalinity, ammonia, carbon dioxide, dissolved oxygen, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate, salinity, specific gravity, turbidity, pH, EC, TDS, and temperature.

The study prepares the way for a scientific career
The greed for education must not be alleviated by lack of equipment!

Public universities are often faced with a large number of students and limited laboratory space. In addition, the devices used are unfortunately often very old and cannot be compared with the current standard in science. How can we train the scientists of tomorrow with obsolete equipment? Hanna instruments is therefore making every effort to offer special conditions for the education sector so that education is not neglected here either.

Our devices work quickly and reliably. They are easy to handle and show the students that we have long arrived in the technical future and that litmus paper is not the only way to measure pH! Prepare your students for the challenging activities of science, production, farming, winemaking, quality control and so many others. Provide them with stable knowledge to carry out their research and control work quickly and reliably.

We offer a wide range of measurement devices to cover different budgets:

Not only pH but also conductivity, redox potential, spectrophotometry and photometry, titrations, turbidity and sugar content can be measured with HANNA’s instruments. On our homepage you will find the right product for many parameters.

Or contact your local office to discuss your requirements with trained HANNA personnel. Our colleagues will be pleased to find different possibilities for your application area.

Scientific work

The balancing act between meaningful measurement results and financing of research activities

Scientific questions often require special approaches in order to obtain the desired measuring points well and accurately. Hanna Instruments has not only a wide range of multi and single parameter measuring instruments for scientific use but also the possibility to develop individual solutions and measuring techniques together with you along your required application. Just think of the possibility of permanently monitoring the pH, EC or redox value in a fully automated system.

Lab equipment - easy handling, innovative, modern design and space-saving

Multiparameter pH Meter edge® - HI2020-02

The versatile design of edge® enables it to be used as a portable, wall-mount or benchtop meter, edge simplifies measurement, configuration, calibration, diagnostics, logging and transferring data directly to a computer or USB drive.

  • Simply connect each probe via the 3.5 mm jack, Digital Smart Electrodes are automatically recognized
  • Resolution selectable from 0.01 and 0.001 pH
  • Range -2.000 to 16.000 pH
  • Accuracy ±0.002 pH for 0.001 pH resolution; ±0.01 for 0.01 resolution
  • Data logging
    • Manual log-on-demand
    • Manual log-on-stability
    • Interval logging
  • Temperature readout (°C or °F)
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)
  • CAL Check™ Indicators
    • Probe condition
    • Response time
    • Check buffer
    • Clean electrode
  • Sensor Check™ Indicators
    • Broken electrode
    • Clogged junction
  • GLP data
    • Records date, time, offset, slope and buffers used during calibration
  • Five-point calibration
    • A choice of seven pre-programmed buffers plus two selectable custom buffers
  • Calibration tag on screen
    • Identifies buffers used for current calibration
  • Calibration expiration warning

Spectrophotometer iris - HI801

IRIS portable spectrophotometer is unlike any of the products we have created in the past. It is different from our photometers as it allows for measurement in the spectrum of all wavelengths of visible light and not just pre–specified wavelengths. Spectrophotometers work by isolating light at specific wavelengths from white light. This compact meter incorporates a number of features that facilitate both fantastic performance and exceptional usability.

  • Advanced split beam optical system
  • Rechargeable li-ion battery
  • User customizable methods

Automatic Potentiometric Titrator - HI931

The HI931 Automatic Titrator is the answer to your dedicated titration needs. Fully customizable, the HI931 delivers accurate results and intuitive user experience, all in a compact package. Titrate for a variety of measurements at the push of a button including acids, bases, redox, and selective ions. With no additional programming upgrades to purchase, you can start measuring right away.

  • Small footprint so you can fully optimize your benchtop and increase productivity.
  • Unmatched 40,000-step dosing pump for small volumes of titrant to help you achieve a very precise endpoint for greater consistency.
  • Perfect for dedicated titration needs.

Karl Fischer Coulometric and VolumetricTitrator - HI934 & HI933

For scientists and professionals who need exact water content determination from 1 ppm to 5% or 0.01 to 100%, our new generation of the Coulometric and Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrators are engineered to meet or exceed your technical requirements while delivering a lower cost of ownership. With cutting-edge features packed into a compact design, this titrators delivers accurate results and requires less space in the lab. Get accurate water content determination at the push of a button. Designed for the modern lab, this karl fischer titrators are the perfect fit for your testing environment.

  • Compact design will save space in the lab without compromising your results.
  • Durable heat and chemical resistant body.
  • Sealed solvent system helps to keep water out of the system, while giving you minimal exposure to the reagents.

Field Research - Don't do without scientific, generated measurement results

Traceable, repeatable, store and manage wherever you are!

The HI9829 is a waterproof portable logging multiparameter meter that monitors up to 14 different water quality parameters. The microprocessor based multi-sensor probe allows for the measurement of key parameters including pH, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, ammonium, chloride, nitrate, and temperature.

The probe transmits readings digitally with options to log data while disconnected from the meter. An optional GPS provides location tracking of measurements. The complete system is simple to setup and easy to use. The HI9829 is highly customizable and supplied with all necessary accessories, packaged in a durable carrying case.

Waterproof Protection – The water quality meter is enclosed in an IP67 rated waterproof casing and can withstand immersion in water at a depth of 1 m for up to 30 minutes. The probe features an IP68 rating for continuous immersion in water.

Backlit Dot Matrix LCD Display – The HI9829 features a backlit graphic LCD with on-screen help and the capability to display up to twelve parameters simultaneously. The graphic display allows for the use of virtual keys to provide for an intuitive user interface.

Intuitive Keypad – The fitted rubber keypad has dedicated keys for power, backlight, up/down arrows, help and alphanumeric characters. The meter also features two virtual soft keys that navigate the user through the configuration of each parameter, meter setup and logging of data. The interface is intuitive for any user’s level of experience.

Dedicated Help Key – Contextual help is always available through a dedicated “HELP” key. Clear tutorial messages and directions are available on-screen to quickly and easily guide users through setup and calibration.  The help information displayed is relative to the setting/option being viewed.

Auto-sensor Recognition – The probe and meter automatically recognize the sensors that are connected. Any ports not used on the probe will not have the parameter displayed or be configurable.

Automatic temperature compensation – Integrated temperature sensor allows for automatic temperature compensation of pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen measurements.

Automatic Barometric Pressure Compensation – The meter features a built-in barometer with user-selectable units for dissolved oxygen pressure compensation.

Quick Calibration – Quick Calibration provides a speedy, single point calibration for pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen. Standard calibration options are available including pH up to three points, Conductivity at one point and dissolved oxygen up to two points.

GLP Data – HI9829 includes a GLP feature that allows users to view calibration data and calibration expiration information at the touch of a key. Calibration data includes the date, time, buffers/standards used for calibration, and slope characteristics.

Data Logging – The HI9829 allows users to store up to 44,000 continuous or log-on-demand samples with logging intervals from one second to three hours.

Graphing Capability – Trend graphing with sample date and time stamp may be viewed on the display or transferred to a pc.

PC Connectivity – Logged data can be transferred to a Windows-compatible PC with the included HI7698291 USB adapter and HI929829 software.

Long Battery Life – The display of the meter has a battery icon indicator to show the remaining power. The meter is supplied with four 1.5V “C “ NiMH rechargeable batteries that provide up to 140 hours of battery life*

Rugged thermoformed carrying case – The HI9829 meter, probe, and all accessories are supplied in a rugged carrying case designed to provide years of use. The inside compartment of the carrying case is thermoformed to securely hold and protect all of the components.

The search for the right device is often difficult! Contact us and we will be happy to help you select a suitable device for you from our product assortment of more than 3000 articles.

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