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STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. One of the of the ways teachers are successfully becoming STEM educators is by recognizing that sometimes small, focused tweaks are what is needed to lessons, activities, and classroom questioning techniques.

Effective STEM classroom/laboratory fosters a positive culture that allows students to problem-solve, collaborate, create, test ideas, exchange knowledge and encourages tech use. 

The idea thrives towards flexibility, mobility and integration of different science fields.

Every passionate professor and educator fosters ingenuity and creativity: Ingenuity and creativity can pair with STEM and lead to new ideas and innovations.

Every professor should strive to shape young minds, question legitimacy and create young promising scientists who will contribute to the development and enrichment of the scientific community.

What can STEM bring to our future generations:

– Builds resilience

– Encourages experimentation

– Encourages teamwork

– Encourages knowledge application

 -Encourages tech use

– Teaches problem-solving

– Encourages adaption

– Encourages the creation of young promising scientists

How to integrate HANNA equipment in your daily university activities?

HANNA titrator can be a great universal tool for conducting of numerous different methods for determination of parameters across the various applications.


Automatic Potentiometric Titrator – HI931

The HI931 Automatic Titrator is the answer to your dedicated titration needs. Fully customizable, the HI931 delivers accurate results and intuitive user experience, all in a compact package. Titrate for a variety of measurements at the push of a button including acids, bases, redox, and selective ions. With no additional programming upgrades to purchase, you can start measuring right away.


Karl Fischer Volumetric Titrator HI933

For scientists and professionals who need exact water content determination from 0.01 to 100%, our new generation of the Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator is engineered to meet or exceed your technical requirements while delivering a lower cost of ownership. With cutting-edge features packed into a compact design, this titrator delivers accurate results and requires less space in the lab. Get accurate water content determination at the push of a button. Designed for the modern lab, the HI934 karl fischer titrator is the perfect fit for your testing environment.


Research Grade Meter pH/ORP and EC/TDS/Resistivity/Salinity and Temperature HI5521-02

The HI5521 is an advanced research grade benchtop pH/mV/EC/TDS/Salinity/Resistivity meter that is completely customizable with a large color LCD, capacitive touch keys, and USB port for computer connectivity. The HI5521 is rich in features including data logging, alarm limits, comprehensive GLP, and many more while retaining simplicity in use with both dedicated key for routine operation and virtual keys that guide the user through setup options. The HI5521 ensures confidence in pH measurements with the exclusive Hanna Instruments CAL Checkfeature that alerts the user to potential problems during calibration including if the buffer is contaminated or the probe needs to be cleaned.


Bluetooth® Smart pH Electrode and Meter edge® blu – HI2202-02

Free yourself from wires when performing pH measurements. Hanna Instruments is proud to introduce edge®blu, a smart pH meter that uses pH electrodes with Bluetooth® Smart technology (Bluetooth 4.0). These pH electrodes connect wirelessly to edge blu or a compatible Apple or Android® device running the Hanna Lab App.

  • edge®blu uses HALO™ Bluetooth pH electrodes with a built-in temperature sensor to send measurement data wirelessly to the meter or a compatible Apple or Android device running the Hanna Lab App.
  • edge®blu features advanced pH electrode diagnostics to ensure worry free measurements. Diagnostics include Hanna’s exclusive CAL Check feature that alerts users to potential problems during calibration.
  • edge®blu features a capacitive touch keypad that gives a distinctive, modern look. The keypad is sensitive enough to be used with laboratory gloves and has a fast response.

As an easy intro into photometric and spectrophotometric methods students can acquire the basic knowledge and principles of measurements and approach to 80+ different methods (parameters) and additionally can create their own methods and implement them .

Spectrophotometer iris – HI801

IRIS portable spectrophotometer is unlike any of the products we have created in the past. It is different from our photometers as it allows for measurement in the spectrum of all wavelengths of visible light and not just pre–specified wavelengths. Spectrophotometers work by isolating light at specific wavelengths from white light. This compact meter incorporates a number of features that facilitate both fantastic performance and exceptional usability.

  • Advanced split beam optical system
  • Rechargeable li-ion battery
  • User customizable methods


Add some fun to your daily tasks, with our colorful magnetic stirrers!

Compact Magnetic Mini-Stirrers with Electrode Holder – HI181

HI181 are a family of lightweight and inexpensive magnetic mini-stirrers with an integrated electrode holder. The stirrers are compact and easy to handle, requiring very little space. Measurement setup is made simple with the adjustable electrode arm that can hold up to three 12 mm diameter or less electrodes. HI181 mini-stirrers are available in 11 colors, allowing easy recognition on crowded benchtops.


Author: Nives Vinceković Budor,

Tajana Mokrović, mag.nutr.

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